Life & Medical

Group Takaful Policy

This policy is designed to compensate workers in Kuwait - or their successors - in the event that any of these workers suffers an accident (fatal or non-fatal) while on duty where they are compensated according to Kuwait Private Sector Labor Law, in addition to similar benefits in case of exposure to other incidents outside work hours, resulting in death or total disability or permanent partial disability, as well as in the case of natural death of any of them, within or outside Kuwait.

Group Private Medical Insurance Policy

This policy covers the medical expenses incurred by any of the insured when they receive treatment at private hospitals and clinics in Kuwait and abroad, including the expenses of hospitalization, wages of nursing, fees for surgical operations, radiology, medial tests and local ambulance service, and expenses of drugs as well as treatment on outpatient basis and expenses of surgery and daily small operations.

Haj & Umrah Policy

This policy is designed to cover the contributor (Pilgrim or Umrah Performer) in case of death or personal injury that may result in a permanent disability due to accident that may occur during the stay of a pilgrim or an Umrah performer in Saudi Arabia territories ( or within its airspace ) , in addition to the payment of : the contingent medical expenses due to an accident , the necessary repatriation expenses and the travel expenses of one of the family member, when necessary. Also this policy covers the cases of passport loss during the travel of Pilgrim and /or Umrah performer.